Ajoy Kumar Singha
What is manual software testing? Boardly, Manual testing is activities which are executed by human such as gathering requirement, writing test cases based on the requirement and executing those test cases on the build (compiled code).
Whereas, automation software testing involves using a tool for writing and executing test cases/scripts. Computers (tools) are fast, reliable, capable of multi tasking, they do not require coffee breaks. But the point of concern is "tools cannot think." Your automation test cases/scripts are as best as your manual testing test cases. Tools convert manual test cases into executable scripts, nothing else.
On the other hand, a human can think. They have the ability to think on their own and make decisions. They can decide and write test cases on the areas scripts cannot reach. Also all test cases cannot be automated. Tools cannot decide the usability factor of an application.
The best way a tool (Selenium, QTP, Rational Functional Tester, Silk etc) can be used is where there are large number of regression test cases which are required to be executed over and over again, build after build. Also tools (LoadRunner, WebLoad, JMeter) are best used when it comes to performance testing. It can replicate large number of virtual users and generate loads of desired quantity which will be very difficult for human testers to do.
Using automation software testing is very helpful but the simple answer to the question - "Can automation replace manual software testing?" is "No".
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  1. But Ajoy why clients n management ask\recruit the automation testers

  2. A test script is just a tour bus. Don't fall asleep on the bus. Get off and look around - Cem Kaner

    Getting off and looking around other workarounds to uncover defects is sapience. Automation needs manual efforts and Automation CANNOT replace manual (sapient) software testing.

    Shiva Mathivanan

  3. Is this post about functional automation or performance automation?

    I agree that functional testing cannot be completely replaced by automation testing but what about performance/load testing, can it be done without any automated tools??? my answer will be 'NO'.

    Automation takes us to the next level of testing to manual testing so it is better to be updated with automated tools.

  4. S.R. Says:

    very good article... my view too

  5. Leena Says:

    good one .... loved reading it