Ajoy Kumar Singha
There are hosts of journals available on software testing on internet. Another one is being planned for launch on 1st September 2010. This is a mission by a group of software testing professionals from NCR/Delhi area. I happen to associate with this mission.

The e-magazine named Testing Circus is supposed to be free to the subscribers and they claim it would be a magazine with a difference. Testing Circus will attempt to capture the readers who are novice in this field. Most of magazines that are already available in web world are targeted at expert testing professionals. Over the years I have felt that there are very less reading materials available for students who want to learn software testing from the beginning. Books available in the market are kind of advanced level structure. There is no book like what we have for dot net, java, sql - teach yourself software testing in 24 hours. Testing Circus e-magazine attempts to capture that market section. 

The idea is noble. The name Testing Circus is little tricky. Circus word is usually synonym with undisciplined works. But I feel circus here means 'tricks'. So we meant to convey 'testing is no magic, it is a pure trick, it is a circus.' Testing Circus - magazine on software testing should therefore help new learners of software testing the platform they were missing for years.

Subscribe the magazine at www.testingcircus.com Or you can follow them on twitter at http://twitter.com/TestingCircus

I wish all the best to Testing Circus e-magazine on Software Testing.
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