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**We don't have very fancy decoracted class rooms but we promise to give you best knowledge from practical and hands on training point of view.
Course Content:
Our courses are divided into mainly two categories –

Course 1: Manual Testing + Basic Automation Course – This course is suitable for who want to pursue their career in Software Testing. It starts with basic foundation of Software Testing and gradually progresses towards advanced concept of Software Testing enhanced by basic idea of Automation Tools such as QTP and Load Runner. Lots of mock interview practices with feedback on speech and body language.
Duration – Approx 10 weeks – weekend classes
Fee – Rs. 0000/-

Course 2: Advanced Automation – QTP – This course is suitable for people who have already attended Course 1 or the testers who have at least 1 year of experience in Manual Testing concepts. This is a pure project based hands on tool learning aided by understanding of advanced concepts of QTP, framework, real life automation issue resolution with advanced level scripting technique.
Duration – Approx 6 weeks – weekend classes
Fee – Rs. 10000/-

»Additional advantage with all courses

  • Free E-Books/Tools/Software
  • ISTQB Exam Support
  • HR Interview Sessions
  • Resume Preparation
  • Access to JOB Alerts – Lifetime job alerts in Mail Box

Please feel free to contact us –
»Call us at 9911449111
**We don't have very fancy decorated class rooms but we promise to give you best knowledge from practical and hands on training point of view.

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Ajoy Kumar Singha
Testing is often considered as a thankless job.
While developers say with pride: "Wow!! My code is running in production and application is running all fine", testers usually don’t say "Wow!! The code that I tested is running in production"!!!
Testing identifies faults, whose removal increases the software quality by increasing the Software’s potential reliability and thus removing the risk associated with application’s failure. Testing is the measurement of software quality. We measure how closely we have achieved quality by testing the relevant factors such as correctness, reliability, usability, maintainability, reusability and testability. It is rightly said – Testers don’t make software, they make it better.
Read more about software testing and issues that affect software testing at my new Software Testing Website.

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Ajoy Singha
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